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5G base station PCB price increase


5G has become the new main force driving the growth of PCB business. From the perspective of product structure, multilayer boards still dominate the current PCB market. With the rapid development of technology in the electronic circuit industry, the integration of components has become increasingly widespread, and electronic products have become more demanding for high-density PCBs.

High-layer PCB products such as high-layer boards, flexible boards, HDI boards, and packaging substrates have gradually occupied Market dominance. From the perspective of downstream applications, due to the wide range of applications of PCB products, its periodicity is less affected by a single industry, which mainly changes with the fluctuation of macroeconomics and the overall development of the electronic information industry. The overall growth rate of PCB follows the macro economy.

If it is estimated from the demand, the price of 5G base station PCBs will increase, which will strongly stimulate the demand for PCB use. Guosheng Securities estimates that according to the comparison of 4G and 5G, from the perspective of the number of base stations, 5G base stations may be 1.1 to 1.5 times the current 4G base stations, and the number of micro-stations may exceed 9 million. At the same time, it is estimated that the PCB value of 5G base stations is about 12,500 yuan, which is about 3 times that of 4G base stations in the past.


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